Ksenia is back. Huippuopetusta pääsiäisviikonloppuna solo jazzissa, solo bluesissa sekä 20-luvun charlestonissa. Varaa paikkasi ajoissa.



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Satunnaiset kuvat


Who am I ?

I started dancing in Helsinki when I was 10 years old. My first dnas school was Step Up and I started with show dance, street, jazz and breakdance. Before I started to dance i was in to figure skating but when i didnt train for that i was practising in Judo.

My first dance competion in the finnish championship was in 1999 in Helsinki. I didnt win that year but tried again the following and became first in breakdance and disco freestyle, in the class for under 16year olds.

I started dancing rock'n swing and boogie woogie in 2001. I had my first copetition in the junior class the following year with my dance partner Ann-Natalie Vuorinen. I've been succesfull in both national and international competitions. I have won the Finnish championships in boogie woogie three timnes, got second place in the Nordic chaampionship in 2009, bronze in 2012 and got to the finals in many international competitions.

Today I compete every now and then. I teach and perform, mainly in Finland but also overseas. I do the choreography for different show groups and also teach private dance lessons. I love boogie woogie the most, just because theres no precise choreography to it. It becomes alive as you dance it !!